Message from UIC

Ladies and Gentlemen,

     It's that time again when we will be hitting the fields (snowshoes are optional). The Senior Umpire Meeting with be Sunday April 19 at 6:00 pm at Bishop Grimes High School. Please ensure you have a photocopy of the driver's license, proof of your insurance from ABUA. I will have copies of the registration form and the new code of conduct on hand.


Jeff Harris and I are excited to for the new season and have many new ideals to make our organization a better one. We have a ton to discuss on that Sunday night, so please be on time so we can get through the registration and get to the meat of the meeting. If this email has missed anyone, please forward on and see you on the 19th at 6:00pm.


Any questions or concerns or if I have forgotten anything, let me know.





Robert Ward

Umpire in Chief (UIC)

District 8 Little League

Important Dates

Junior Class dates

April 13th – 6:00 pm

April 15th – 6:00 pm

April 19th – 3:00 pm

Review and test

April 22nd – 6:00pm

All classes held at Bishop Grimes High School