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Use of Little League® Logos, Emblems and Marks

As stated in Regulation XVI of Little League's "Official Regulations and Playing Rules," use of the Official Emblem, "LL," "LLB" and/or words "Little League," "Little League Baseball," "Little Leaguer," "Senior League, "Big League," "Senior League Baseball," "Big League Baseball," "Challenger Division," etc., (registered under Federal Certificate in U.S. Patent Office), is granted to chartered leagues and cannot be extended by Local Leagues to any other organization for any purpose whatsoever.These marks are protected both by a special Act of Congress and registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All rights in and to any and all marks of Little League Baseball, Incorporated are reserved.

This means, that leagues may use these marks on stationery, league promotional items such as posters, banners, photographs and programs, as well as on trophies, certificates, awards and pins not meant for resale. For use of "Official Marks" on items meant for fundraisers, you must first contact the marketing and licensing department of Little League International by calling (570) 326-1921.

Two versions of the logos are presented here. The .jpg files may be used for the Web and for word documents or similar files / applications. The .eps (or vector) files are meant for high-resolution printing such as banners and posters, and can be given directly to printers for production of these items on the league's behalf. Little League's official colors are Reflex Blue and Red 185.

Image files in both .eps and .jpg formats can be found in the "logos" directory on this CD. It may be necessary to use image software to adjust the size of these logos.

Click on the files below to open higher resolution .jpg versions. You may then "right-click" on the art to save it to your own computer. Alternately, you may access these files, as well as the .eps versions, through Windows Explorer. Open "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer," right click on your CD drive and go to explore (for example, drive d:), click on the "logos" directory, and select the file you need for your project.

Logos & Artwork