2024 Umpire Academy

– Registration is at Pastime Athletic Club on 2/19 and training starts immediately after sign-ins at 6 pm. Cost is $60 Cash or Check – made out to District 8 LL.

– Registration is at Mexico LL on 2/26 and training starts immediately after sign-ins at 6 pm . Cost is $60 Cash or Check – made out to District 8 LL.

Other Important Information:

– The trainee must attend all 4 classes, and pass the test given out at the end of training.
– You must be 14-94 years old to attend umpire training.
– This is an intensive course with a lot of interaction in class. This course will certify you to work as a District 8 umpire.

– You will need to complete a background check and abuse training if you are over the age of 16 years old.
– We will be doing hands-on training if the gym is available. Please wear the proper clothing to participate. (We are not looking for the best dressed)
– We will have a guest speaker who will inform you on what you are getting into and what to expect. You should pay attention and ask questions.

This training is to make you an umpire. Our goal is for everyone to complete training. At any time during training, if you feel this is not the job for you, please let me know. I am recruiting but umpiring isn’t for everyone. 


Friends, please spread the word! The best way to do this is through social media and to your teams. Now more than ever, kids are looking for easy, fast money. What better way to do it than to umpire baseball games!

Please contact me with who will be attending and with any inquiries.

Thank you,

Jack Kaplan


District 8 Little League, Syracuse, New York


Other notable umpire information 

 Baseball Assignor- Mark White cell: 315 447-2956 home: 315 469-0236

 Softball Assignor- Dick Lagona cell: 315 374-6241

Link to Umpire Resource Page-Registration, manuals, etc. can be found here